TVCLP Outcomes -Charlotte’s Blog 4

Inspiration for Creative Learning – Explorations in tissue transfer, ink drawing, wax resist and watercolour

This unit of work was based around the book cover of ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’ which the Y3 class were reading at Overfields. The cover picture of the edition they had was created by Andy Warhol and the sessions explored different techniques to create a similar feel. The children were then encouraged to use the technique they felt was best for their own book cover with some stunning results.

TVCLP Outcomes -Sue’s Blog 5

Inspiration for Creative Learning – Formal Elements

An exploration of formal elements from cave painting through depictions of the human form across history. This multilayered approach resulted in the children not just ‘doing cave paintings’ but developing a really deep understanding of how forms underlie basic technique. The examples are from work with a Y3 class:

TVCLP Outcomes -BUB’S Blog 3 Floating and Sinking

Inspiration for Creative Learning – Floating and Sinking

Using a theme from a curriculum subject and embedding the learning in an active and creative approach develops a deeper level of engagement and understanding for pupils. Click on the image to find out how one schools developed this on the theme of floating and sinking.