Creative Stars

The next few weeks will focus on resources built around the idea of a creative star. It offers a lens through which to study art and artists and relate work undertaken to personal development skills. This week we have posted a video that explains the ideas behind the Creative Star and an example of a project undertaken by one of our artist practitioners in a school using Hockney as a focus.

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Monday Mindfulness – CD Weaving

What to do with all those old CDs that clutter up the IT suite’s cupboard? Well here is the answer! Old CDs are an ideal size to use as weaving frames. This week’s blog looks at the basic technique and links to artists far and near. The task was used by one of our local primary schools to establish a calm and purposeful tone for the week as part of their Monday Mindfulness work.

Monday Mindfulness – Bottle Mandalas

This wonderful resource offers a range of different directions for teachers to take the learning in with links to an infinite range of topics. It also draws heavily on the environmental themes and recycling. The resource provides a step by step guide for teachers, activities and suggestions across age ranges and provides links to the national curriculum and PSCHE.

TVCLP Outcomes – Charlotte’s Blog 7

Inspiration for Creative Learning – Drawing, painting and felting: a learning journey

This project in Year 3/4 at Wilton Primary Academy drew on natural forms to create a learning sequence that developed children’s attention and concentration on detail. From observing, drawing and then painting flowers, to creating 3D representations using felting techniques the children’s journey allowed them to learn but also reflect on their development as individual artists:

TVCLP Outcomes – Charlotte’s Blog 6

Inspiration for Creative Learning – Autumn Textiles

This project covered much of the Autumn Term in Brambles Primary for years 1- 4. The intention was to introduce the children to a range of techniques with textiles such as felting, ‘rag-rugging’ and collage. Using autumnal nature as the theme the results created a series of vibrant and beautiful displays around school:

TVCLP Outcomes -Sue’s Blog 7

Inspiration for Creative Learning – Formal Elements through popular artists

In the third part of Sue’s exploration of the Formal Elements she highlights artists and techniques often studied in school and relates them to an understanding of Formal Elements. With copious examples and links to other resources this post is a fantastic support to teachers wanting to do more than simply copy artistic styles: